Wednesday, January 11, 2006


U.S. Military veternarian teams provide care in Kenya. Wed. 9/13/2006.
TRICARE: Legislative Alert #06-16. 8/22/2006.
When Johnny Comes Marching Home... Wednesday, August 9, 2006.
NGAUS Notes Friday, July 21, 2006.
NGAUS Newsletter: Affordable Health Care Wednesday, July 12, 2006.
Florida Guard to the Rescue Saturday, May 20, 2006.
Djiboutian Dedicates Clinic 5/20/2006.
Greg is going home tomorrow Sunday, May 7, 2006.
Slight correction: He left the hospital, but had to stay nearby. It is now May 20, and he may be going (really) home in about two more weeks. Thank you for your support.
For the Love of a Soldier Friday, May 5, 2006.

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